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Examples are shown to me… and examples are many…sometimes i’m made to be an example of what one should not be… talk is cheap.. actions are what really counts in such example was a visitor we had.. in a house he resided here, an abode of a fellow brother of ours. the place is more like a guest house…no a.. a lair!… with a rooftopp for smoking pot and gazing at the stars, engaging in idle talk and a place to waste time & get wasted..and peeping at the neighbours that just moved in was a usual past time.

I’ll call him ‘the token white guy’. He came among us at an integral time in the history of filthy political upheaval, weddings & the chills of the minute south-asian winter season..with unbelief & criticism in his mind…always looking for a jolly good story to tell from all the travels that he has made..his cultural origins & percpective a far cry from what we, the so-called third worlders know as life to be.. he brought along with him the concept of secular thought & governance, which i vehemently oppose! i might add..he was a white man & we third worlders love to lick white ass!.. but he got very little of his hindside licked on the fourth trip that he made to Sultry Dhaka!

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hey there fellow earthlings… as most of you have started writing or pondered upon sharing your thoughts & secrets like those before us.. so have i finally mustered the courage to express my thoughts in black & white.. just to be among u lot… to be heard and feel good at dispensing my pent up energy in the form that i know best… writing!

so bear with me on my journey of understanding myself a little better… unseizingly making mistakes & hoping that i can correct them in my quest before i wake up in the cold & lonely grave that i’m left to, only to ponder at my life gone by… this is one of the marks that i want to leave behind.. being only a speck of dust in this vast abyss, with limitations abound in every subject that comes to mind about living and life, that i waste…