Examples are shown to me… and examples are many…sometimes i’m made to be an example of what one should not be… talk is cheap.. actions are what really counts in life..one such example was a visitor we had.. in a house he resided here, an abode of a fellow brother of ours. the place is more like a guest house…no a.. a lair!… with a rooftopp for smoking pot and gazing at the stars, engaging in idle talk and a place to waste time & get wasted..and peeping at the neighbours that just moved in was a usual past time.

I’ll call him ‘the token white guy’. He came among us at an integral time in the history of filthy political upheaval, weddings & the chills of the minute south-asian winter season..with unbelief & criticism in his mind…always looking for a jolly good story to tell from all the travels that he has made..his cultural origins & percpective a far cry from what we, the so-called third worlders know as life to be.. he brought along with him the concept of secular thought & governance, which i vehemently oppose! i might add..he was a white man & we third worlders love to lick white ass!.. but he got very little of his hindside licked on the fourth trip that he made to Sultry Dhaka!

with yours truly to always oppose him in his narrow views…it was rough seas for him & i frequently found him flushed with anger or disgust at me & my paradigm debating with him about the moral implications of his belief or unbelief in THe ONE TRUE GOD, the concept that one must submit to..HIS rules..HIS LAWS entirely and loose their ‘self’.. the circumambulation of all one’s thoughts & deeds around GOD or Allah, was too limited a concept for his so called “free thinking’ mind to grasp!…he fights not to be limited by the thought of order & discipline… i guess as an Aussie backpacker, who confesses that his ancestors were criminals & atheists for as long as they could remember and were brought by a ship to this alien land, expelled from their native British Isles & the land of Cannan before that.. they were supposedly driven from their land in the middle earth by the Jews once upon a time in history..and we did look it up.. they are mentioned in the OLD OR NEW TESTAMENT!

i had heard of the lore of this ‘white man’ named ‘J’.. from a pal we have..my buddy that talks constantly and knows something about everything… he related to me his story of J being an interesting pothead & an IT geek…who he met on his travels & befriended..& ultimetly lured him to our enchanting Dhaka! he was truly enchanted by J & his laid back approach to life and who introduced him to the process of making a joint…before J came into his life, my pal Mad, usually stuffed pot into a cigarette or smoked it from a bong… he never saw pot being rolled into a nice long joint… and J made a proper long-ass joint, which he hated to share, i gather from my smoking experiences with him…

I generally roll my own stuff, but since there was a gathering at our lair, in honour of the token white guy, we supplied him with all the dope we could get our hands on and let him roll the shit…one after the other.. it was something like “Train Spotting”, the movie, just that the heroine was replaced my the poor man’s Ganja..what interested me more than the pot was the aroma of quality conversation, a different paradigm… & i felt like i hit jackpot when he proudly proclaimed to me of his UNBELIEF in GOD, Allah, The Lord, Singularity, whatever!… yeah, i only recently got in touch with my religious self & only found a fresh perspective in life and also struggling to let go of the old & comfortable life of doing anything & be accountable for nothing!…

we had too many dialogues about morals, God, the theory of Evolution… but mostly about religion & Islam…too bad that the only common bond between us was our lust for a high from that ugly, forbidding joint in the middle of our fingers…but i was really excited at the prospect of informing an Unbeliever of Faith, the after life, the Unseen GOD and the beauty & the signs of His creation & His existence..i took it on as a challenge to revert J to belief..but all through the duration of his stay, he was steadfast in his Unbelief as I was about my belief.. many around us floated in and out of these debates that we used to have.. in hindsight i can now only wish i was more polished in the ways of ‘Invitation’ or ‘Daw’ah’ to Islam, than i was at that given time.

i tried to relay to J that Islam or Submission to Allah is the fundamental pillar of our people, the Muslims & our core belief that “None is worthy of worship but Allah alone”. to make him see that without a shred of doubt exists a Creator, a Designer who manifest Himself with tell tale signs all around us, in the rain, in the sky, in the miracle of our anatomy, etc. With his rebellion to these truths came the realization that none can show a blind man the gleaming light except He! i just wanted to inform.. ‘Mad’, the link between us and the fair man was a little disshelved by our attempts to inform J about the wisdom of our scripture & the truth that we have learnt and tried to alienate himself from our attempts at dispensing information of the Truth that has been revealed for Humanity…i felt that it was unwise to find an illeterate & not shower him with any kind of knowledge of what he understands not!

he tried in vain to propogate to me the beauty of peace & tolerance in the secular system… how it found success in the western societies..how harmonious co-exsistence among deeply divided people is only possible in a system of governance & a law of life penned by the hands of Man..where there is complete disregard for God & The Criterion sent down to us and to those of aforetime..

i made too many mistakes while trying in vain to convince him. i can now only wish that i can now learn from my experience with J & learn more about life & the power to convince people with facts..truths of life…by learning more from the code of life- The Noble Qur’an.. you, the reader might think what a bad example i have set as a muslim, doing the things i’m prohibited & propagating the Truth to someone in unholy circumstances… that’s exactly where i differ… why can’t a man talk about these sensitive subject in unusual circumstances.. how could i have reached these people if we didn’t have anything in common to bind us togather?

i have so much to share.. only time will allow me to do so.. until then, this thinker will think and toy with the idea of expressing himself and sharing with others.. its an honour when one’s thoughts are read and appreciated by his fellow humans.. please feel free to express your thoughts about the subjects that touch you or offend you in my scribblings…