World Bank operations
Dr. M. S. Haq, Dhaka

Through the recent months, it is increasingly becoming clear from analyzing media presentations, both print and electronic that the bank (World Bank) has been losing incrementally its aggressive culture of support and follow-up when it comes to, for example, bank assisted national programmes and projects in Bangladesh. During the time of the bank’s immediate past country director, we, the ordinary citizens of Bangladesh, somehow felt either directly or otherwise and as appropriate – the pulse of say, bank’s initiatives, as well as activities in both quantitative and qualitative terms. Our present day experience is, however, a bit different from the one described above.

The motive behind the bank’s present day pace of operations in Bangladesh is unknown. But it is understandable: a change of leadership can, among other things, become instrumental in bringing about changes in areas such as: operations philosophy; and outcome production methodologies; under certain circumstances. We hope that will be the case and the period of transition would soon be over. We would like to see the bank more active and more outcome-oriented, among other things.

It is expected the bank will let Bangladeshis and others know, in a more meaningful and result-oriented fashion, its activities, problems, prospects and successes (particularly, those relating to public interest) on a continuous basis – in pursuit of say, strengthening, as well as sustaining further, people-bank synergies. The bank cannot and should not ignore its accountability (in pertinent areas) to the people.

It is also expected the bank will double its effort towards devolution of its programme in Bangladesh at a faster rate and in a more sustainable manner.

We are confident the bank will, under the able leadership of its president, be able to facilitate changes for the better in above and other related areas.