How paradigms can change
How innocence is slain
Minuscule are we
Tripping on free will
Love is born, Love is killed
Unkind origins of sin
Come to gather & separate
Are we all born ingrate

I lay probed
Open as a book
For all eyes to see
Filled with contempt they look upon me
Their tongues hissing at yours truly

Did they find what they were probing for?
Their frowns might tell a story
Couldn’t say owing to my current state of misery
As i lay self-conscious & timid
Like a traumatized wild animal
Struggling with the reality of being caged & probed
Intoxicated & bound with rope
I set my vision on the window as i lay
Watching the aftermath of the setting sun
Turning the vivid orange sky to grey

No hope
Only Dismay
They throw me back in my dark corner cage
Probings done for the day
In shock & horror i shivered away
Flooding of thoughts of mistakes made
Scenes of moments when i felt like a spade
Little did i know that the curtains would be raised
All my sins & my deeds
Would one day be projected onto screens
Your antics would but seize
A lab rat you would seem

Not black not white
Just Grey
Its the order of the day
Too much or too little to say
For my sins I must pay