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Bangladesh, one of the top ranking contributors in global peacekeeping, on Tuesday joined other nations to observe the International United Nations (UN) Peacekeeping Day.

Bangladesh lost its 76 peacekeepers during the last 19 years, while working with the UN peacekeeping force in the trouble spots across the world.

The day was observed with due solemnity and acclamation of the forces for the first time, although the day has been observed throughout the world since 2002, a press release of the defense services said on Tuesday.

Bangladesh Armed Forces took different programs to mark the day, which bears a great importance for the country as its 9,683 soldiers are working now in 11 different trouble spots of the world.

The day’s program began with “peacekeepers run” which was inaugurated by Chief of Air Staff Air Marshal SM Ziaur Rahman here on Tuesday morning.

Chief Advisor of Bangladeshi caretaker government Fakhruddin Ahmed laid the foundation stone of “Peace Monument” in memory of the fallen soldiers of Bangladesh during peacekeeping at the parade ground.

A reception of the nearest relatives of the fallen soldiers and crippled ones was held at Bangladesh-China Friendship Conference Center in the capital Dhaka in which Fakhruddin Ahmed attended as the chief guest. Besides, UN Resident Coordinator in Bangladesh Renata Dessallien was present on the occasion.

On the occasion a theme song and a documentary on UN Peacekeeping operation was telecast on television channels, while national dailies published special supplements.

In his message on the eve of the day, Bangladeshi President Iajuddin Ahmed said, “Our peacekeepers have elevated the image of Bangladesh in the international arena by displaying a very high standard of professionalism, dedication, sincerity and courage.”

He also paid his highest tribute to all the peacekeepers for their sacrifice and selfless efforts in promoting global peace.

Chief Advisor Fakhruddin Ahmed in a message paid his highest respect to those who have sacrificed their lives for restoring peace and stability in strife-torn countries of the regions.

He said: “We reiterate our firm commitment here for promotion of global peace under the aegis of the United Nations and wish the peacekeepers all success in their humanitarian endeavors on the occasion of International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers.”

Source: Xinhua


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I watched the third part of CNN’s documentary with Christiane Amanpour, “God’s Warriors” and it will have the fundies hopping mad. Parts one and two dealt with extremist movements in Judaism and Islam. Last night’s installment took a look at religious fundamentalists in the U.S., the “Christian” right wing. The transcript is here.

Amanpour conducted the last TV interview with Rev. Tinkywinky at Liberty University the week before Falwell died. He again recanted the apology he made for saying “the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians” were responsible for 9/11. He calls his young Liberty University scholars “pit bulls for Christ;” his goal is to graduate as many fundie lawyers as possible, to infiltrate and influence the judicial system in favor of God’s law.

Michael Jensen has a great piece up at AfterElton about this part of the doc series. A snippet:

It would be hard to imagine a documentary examining the impact of Christian fundamentalists on American culture that didn’t include a look at the part played by gay issues. Fortunately, God’s Christian Warriors doesn’t disappoint and the result is a fascinating and often frightening look at the religious right that any progressive — but especially any gay progressive — would be well advised to watch.

…While watching Amanpour interview some of these fundamentalists, I hoped she would ask just what would happen to gay people should they get their way: stoning to death, as suggested in Leviticus? After all, fundamentalists claim the Bible should be the foundation upon which America is built and that would be the logical conclusion.

…If looked at through the prism of understanding what the religious right wants for America, however, then the documentary can be considered a success if even only a few Americans — especially gay ones — wake up to what these Christian fundamentalists aspire to. And for anyone paying attention for the last twenty years, no explanation is needed as to what it is the religious fundamentalists want for America.

As God’s Christian Warriors makes amply clear, their goal is an America that is governed by biblical principles; principles that leave no room for gay people to co-exist in any meaningful way except by going deeply back in to the closet.

CNN has done a fine job on this series; I am curious how the documentary is being received by fundamentalists, considering it is quite harsh (but accurate) about the violent history of the religious right regarding abortion activity, showing the shootings of doctors and bombings of clinics — acts Falwell condemned when the topic was raised by Amanpour. I’d venture a guess that being lumped in with extremist factions of Islam and Judaism is going to cause a massive uproar in the fundie press shortly.

Oh wait…take a look at the drivel already up at WingNutDaily.

What are your thoughts on CNN’s documentary series, ‘God’s Warriors’?

And the headline of the related story, which has all of the expected hysteria:
CNN airs ‘one of the most distorted programs’ ever
Documentary compares Jews, Christians to Muslim terrorists

CNN will proabably re-air all three parts over the weekend. Check listings.