Category: grave

by Jamshyd Osman

The house is empty
Heart’s gone cold
The mantel’s gone dusty
Littered with spider webs & mold

An unusual feeling
Unwanted, Deserted
Involuntary tears
Of disgust & anguish
Guilt stuck at the throat
Another chance, another wish

Weaving tales of sorrow
A wasteful pastime
Bitter nothingness of tomorrow
No rhymes no smile

An oddity of emotion
Can’t dare to share
Errors in their judgment
Makes the truth look bare

Once these halls echoed laughter
Bore witness to joy
Nights & mornings after
Playing wild, playing coy

The romance of monsoon
Blessings after the gloom
Moments becoming hours
Tending to beds of flowers

We owe it all to Thee
That window of glee
I‘m glad that had to be
Both the bitter & the sweet
Wouldn’t have ventured any other street

Yesterday created today
Here now silence can only prevail
Echoes of yester-steps
Landmarks stay still as memoirs appear
Like an oasis in another hemisphere

Feels like a grave
Inside these heavy & lonely
Four walls


hey there fellow earthlings… as most of you have started writing or pondered upon sharing your thoughts & secrets like those before us.. so have i finally mustered the courage to express my thoughts in black & white.. just to be among u lot… to be heard and feel good at dispensing my pent up energy in the form that i know best… writing!

so bear with me on my journey of understanding myself a little better… unseizingly making mistakes & hoping that i can correct them in my quest before i wake up in the cold & lonely grave that i’m left to, only to ponder at my life gone by… this is one of the marks that i want to leave behind.. being only a speck of dust in this vast abyss, with limitations abound in every subject that comes to mind about living and life, that i waste…