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Rumble, rumble
Brewing trouble
Serenity, a fairy tale
Molten elements in waves

Flowers have bloomed on bamboo groves
The rats are flossing their teeth
The dawn of mayhem is calling
Embroidered with war & famine
Peace elusive, forecasted

Silence before the blast
The sonic boom cuts through
The earth envelops, reclaims
Death it’s feces

The silent slowly awakes
Raises it’s hands in protest
Wages it’s tongues in rebellion
Fearless facing Goliath
Determined to change destiny
Forcing winter away
For the blossoming of the spring of contentment


by Jamshyd Osman


From a tiny clot she coagulates

Butterflies her conception generates

Instant thoughts of tiny feet & legs forming

Not a sign not even a warning



As an abstract thought she exists

Keeps us warm in these nights of drizzles & mists



With hope & glee we pen our lists

Praying that nine months pass devoid of any twists

Spawned in the heavens

Spawned off love

A gift of life from above

From decaying hearts sprigs buds of hope

Rejuvenating those who dwell without scope



We knit for her aspirations

Envision her treating patients

Making me tea, looking after me

Being my eyes when I can’t see



We supplicate for a righteous slave

Bowed head, in adversity brave

An advocate of the Truth

A sharp tongue against the brute



She will stand like an Oak among the palms

Just her eyes would flock lads in swarms

Even beasts submit to her charms

Anxious to cradle her in its arms



Her destiny by now prescribed

From her first words to being a bride

A miracle transformation inside

From her Maker’s workshop to our side

In her mother’s womb dwells my pride

Adhaar amaai daakeh

Dupurer megh heen akasheho

Aloh’r abhabeh Bosheh roi koneh

Adhaar’er khoojheh

Aloh amai kaadaay

Ami jenoh maa’er koleh

Taap theke asroyeh

Kuch kucheh kaaloh adhaar chipreh dhooreh

Klaantoh noyon mucheh

Roi jegeh

Shaantee’r loobheh




Jamshyd Osman


We live…


In a near failed state

Failed due to the mischief of men

Who try & write their own destiny

Manufacturing poverty


In a failed family

Hissing with hostility

Between blood not strange

Bordering on brutality


 As a disaster as an individual

Living life unaccountable

Disturbed psyche

Unpromising yet bursting with possibility


In a failed marriage

Owing to our lack of courage

To take on responsibilities

Retreating like a bear burdened

Having found no nourishment

As nature calls him for hibernation


We live

To shy away

To comfort’s cave

The chosen sanctuary

Warm with security

Peace & humility