The bed’s vibrating, the glasses rattling, an eerie silence surrounding me; i keep thinking that something’s about happen, something that will flip our lives, take us on a topsy turvy ride. I ponder about doomsday, the events that are to occur before them. ”Think happy thoughts”, people tell me.. its like telling a man to forget the taste of milk & honey after savouring its taste since infancy.. how can i think in ignorance.. Especially when the truth is so evident. the signs are all there, that is if you sit back and reflect..

I despise the way all things have started moving.. at the pace that things are happening.. dawn breaks and before you know it, the days coming to an end.. the noise that the angry drivers keep making due to their impatience & the constant hurry they seem to be in. Nothing or no one is relaxed anymore.. hurry hurry hurry!!! this sudden acceleration of pace is knocking me off balance. i notice that i’m not the only one facing these problems day to day. the whole world seems depressed on some-days & on other days the birds keep chirping and the plants look more lively.. everything looks & feels so nice on those days.. where do we go when we drift off to sleep and what happens there?.. isn’t it something to ponder why some mornings we wake up feeling great & other days seem so horrid..

No matter how much we love our earthly possessions, material lives & our relations; we do at some point of our lives long for death. To escape this constant pressure of daily life.Aren’t you worn out doing the same thing day in and day out. Hanging with pals, sharing a drink and reflecting on life gets tiring after a while too.

We constantly keep searching for better experiences, adventures in new packages. How many of us actually pack a bag and head out into the unknown on an impulse, away from our comfort zones.

We keep living in our own control dramas & prefer not to disturb our so-called perfect social lives, which is eye wash itself.

Isn’t it weird when members of a family are togather, they’re always at each others throats but as soon as guests arrive another facet of their character, another control drama is revealed. We live in such a hypocritical world.

Where fiction has taken superiority over the simple truths of life.

We are born so innocent; as soon as we get some sense, we are taught the many short cuts in life, by the way practice, at most times rather than a dictate from some elder relative.

We see our elders lying, deceiving & hiding things, shouting, hurting them & sometimes even killing them. What is that receptive & ever observant child learning then? He’s learning to be just like you. Just like his dad or mom and he grows up thinking that to be right. Then the hypocrisy starts all over when those same parents come and smack that child for repeating the deeds that they had unconsciously taught the child.

We should be more conscious about ourselves. More so infront of our children.

Be Responsible, cause your actions shape your child’s future!